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“Every Service Includes a Shampoo, Comforting Hot Towel & Gentle Scalp Massage, Tailored Consultation, and the Use of High-Quality Hair and Beard Care Products.”


Refined Gentleman’s Haircut

Experience the ultimate grooming package that includes a consultation, refined – detail oriented haircut, shampoo, scalp massage, and style. The Gentleman’s Signature is designed to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

40 Minutes Service

$45 – $60 tax included

The Signature Skin Fade Haircut

The sides and back of your head will be meticulously shaved down to the skin, ensuring a clean and ultra-smooth finish. The fade can be tailored to your preference. Whether you want a subtle graduation or a more dramatic contrast. The top section of your hair can be cut and styled in various ways – from a neatly combed look to a more textured, tousled style. Read more about skin fade

50 Minutes Service

$50 – $65 tax included

Buzz Cut

Everything is short and one level. This service involves trimming your hair to a uniform length, creating a seamless short and sleek appearance.

30 Minutes Service

$37 tax included

Touch Up

In between two haircuts touch up is a one number or fade on the sides without cutting a crown. Perfect solution for someone who wants to always look well groomed.

Exclusively for standard haircuts and does not include skin fades.

30 Minutes Service

$35 to $45 tax included

Neck Clean Up & Sideburns Trim

Neck clean up with a straight razor finish. Tapered sideburns. Ideal option if you need to get a quick clean up around ears, sideburns and get back of the neck cleaned up.

20 Minutes Service

$25 tax included

Little Gentleman’s Haircut

We understand that a child’s first haircuts are milestones to be cherished, and regular trims are part of growing up. That’s why our Little Stars Haircut Service is designed to make every hair-cutting experience enjoyable, comfortable, and fun for our young clients!

40 Minutes Service

$45 tax included

Hot Towel Head Shave Ritual

We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your skin type and preferences, ensuring a personalized and comfortable session. Our expert barbers use hot towels to soften the hair and prepare the scalp, followed by a careful application of premium, soothing shaving cream to protect and hydrate the skin.

60 Minutes Service

$55 tax included


The Beard Straight Razor Detailing Relaxation Ritual

Treat yourself to our exclusive beard relaxation ritual, where a steaming hot towel relaxes and prepares your beard for the ultimate pampering. Our skilled barbers meticulously apply nourishing oils and creams, followed by a precise straight razor blade outlining and sculpting your beard to perfection. Finally, we expertly trim your beard, shaping it to your desired length, leaving you with rejuvenated and impeccably styled facial hair.

30 Minutes Service

$32 tax included

Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave Ritual

The Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave is a luxurious and traditional grooming ritual designed to provide the closest and most comfortable shave possible. The service begins with the application of a pre-shave product, often a high-quality oil or cream, to soften the beard and prepare the skin. This is followed by the placement of a hot towel on the face alongside a steam machine which further softens the beard and opens up the pores, ensuring a smoother shave.

60 Minutes Service

$60 tax included

The Beard Trimm Ritual – Trimmer Liner Outlining

Our skilled barbers will expertly shape and sculpt your beard, creating clean lines with T-Outliner and other high-end trimmers. Whether you prefer a neat and trimmed look or a more rugged style, our beard trim service will leave you with a refined and confidently styled beard.

20 Minutes Service

$25 tax included



Get ready for a bold and striking makeover with our bleach short hair service. Our experienced stylists will carefully lighten your short locks, creating a dramatic and edgy look that commands attention. With meticulous precision, we’ll apply the bleach, taking into consideration your hair’s integrity to ensure a healthy outcome. The end result will be a head-turning style that showcases your fearless sense of fashion and sets you apart from the crowd.

120 Minutes Service


Grey Hair Cover-up

Embrace a youthful and vibrant appearance with our grey hair cover-up service. Our expert colorists will skillfully match your natural hair shade, seamlessly blending away those pesky grey strands. Using high-quality hair color products, we’ll create a customized solution that suits your unique style and desired outcome. Say goodbye to grey and hello to a renewed sense of confidence as you unveil a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

70 Minutes Service


Beard Color Treatment

Our Beard Color Treatment service is expertly crafted to meet the specific requirements of facial hair, offering a sophisticated, natural appearance.

Ammonia-Free Formula: Our beard colors are formulated without ammonia, ensuring no harsh smells and no irritation, making the coloring process as comfortable as possible.

Safe for Face and Skin: Our beard colors are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe for all skin types. With our treatments, you can achieve your desired look without compromising on safety or comfort.

40 Minutes Service

$45 tax included

Permanent Waving Treatment

Experience the transformation of your hair with our Permanent Waving Service, designed to infuse your locks with volume, texture, and dynamic waves.

Permanent Waving Process

  • Personalized consultation to discuss your desired outcome and assess your hair’s condition.
  • Application of our premium waving solution, carefully selected to match your hair type and desired wave.

75 Minutes Service

$80+ Tax Included

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